The BrickHouse Band: How an Ordinary Mid-Life Couple Created a Business Phenomenon


Lee Witt's book about business solutions

This is the story of a middle-aged couple who made a decision. While busy in full time careers unrelated to music and having almost no experience, they set out to create the most fun, entertaining and successful corporate and casino cover band on the west coast. Then… they did it!

In a tremendously competitive environment and against all odds, they succeeded while continuing to work in their chosen full-time professions. Everyone said they couldn’t do it. Everyone said they were crazy to even try. And you know what? They were. They were completely crazy, unreasonable and unrelenting in pursuing their dream – and that made all the difference!

In The BrickHouse Band: How an Ordinary, Mid-Life Couple Created a Business Phenomenon, you’ll learn exactly how they succeeded. You’ll also learn why so many business books miss the mark in what it takes to be victorious in your chosen market. In addition, you’ll find out why so many leadership books fail to get underneath real human motivation. Finally, you’ll gain an understanding of what it takes to create a true business phenomenon – and how talent, financial backing, and experience are completely overrated.

This book is about working hard but mostly it’s about working smart. It’s about modeling what works and learning from the mistakes of others while being true to your own brand. Don’t be fooled, it takes effort. But by applying the BrickHouse performance methodology called “Always Advance,” you can save massive amounts of time, overcome adversity, succeed against the odds, and stand victoriously on the stage of your wildest dreams.

Become Unstoppable: Take a Different Stance in Life to Stand Up, Stand Out and Deliver Your Best

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Lee Witt's book about business solutions

Are you the person you’ve always wanted to be? Are you watching other people who are not as intelligent and talented as you get ahead? Do you wonder why some people flounder while others flourish? And which one are you?

This book reveals the eight key components of the “Unstoppable” human. You can build the person you’ve always wanted to become. You can run your own life from your own personal agenda, serving the world in a way that allows you and everyone to win. You’ll learn how to:

  • Employ old-school toughness
  • Run your own mind
  • Employ your unlimited will
  • Become immune to adversity
  • Capture proper perspective in order to maximize happiness
  • Engage the world in a meaningful way
  • Be healthy, centered and strong
  • Love yourself, love others and do it intelligently

If you take action on this information, you will become the person you’ve always wanted
to be. You will become “Unstoppable.”

The Worst Case Scenario Business Survival Guide: How to Survive the Recession, Handle Layoffs, Raise Emergency Cash, Thwart an Employee Coup, and Avoid Other Potential Disasters

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Lee Witt's book about business solutions

Lee was a featured contributor to this popular book released in September of 2009.  If your business is suffering, this might just be the book for you.

One of many great revues on the book!

"Wow! This book is truly amazing! It has helped me save my business. I was able to protect myself and my employees. The "How To's" like "How to get cash fast" was so straight to the point. The part on "The Rules" was like a guide to me. This is a real business saver! I wish I came across this book when I was starting my business so that I wouldn't have gone through all the trouble researching and stressing myself out. Now, I am very confident that my business will strive in the years to come and even, hopefully, grow globally. Thank you very much Mark and David"!