Personal Journey: How Lee Witt got to where he is today:

Imagine being five years old and opening for the legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong at the world famous Palmer House in downtown Chicago. That was the beginning of a very interesting journey for a young boy from Illinois. The son of a high school teacher and basketball coach, Lee Witt grew up surrounded in music, sports and academics. With an insatiable curiosity for what works and an extraordinary desire to excel, Lee spent years looking at what differentiated those who succeeded from those who did not. While a child prodigy on the piano, Lee’s real passion was for athletics and the study of human performance.

While using his musical talent to help finance the expenses of college, Lee continued to focus on athletics and academics. Not long after completing his degree from Illinois State University, Lee entered corporate America. This experience allowed him over two decades of interviews and observations of what does and does not work in a real-world business environment. Lee captured the lessons learned from the corporate board rooms and translated “what worked” to an entrepreneurial endeavor called “The BrickHouse Band.”

As a result, The BrickHouse Band has become one of the most fun, entertaining and successful corporate, convention and casino cover bands on the West Coast. Using the Always Advance Performance Methodology, the band has continued to flourish in a market where less than 5% of those who try succeed. Make no mistake – skill and talent are important to a musical act. But almost everyone who enters the market has skill and talent. If that were all it took, everyone would be successful. So there must be something else!

Lee now helps educate businesses, organizations and schools as to just what that “something else” is in his lively, humorous keynote addresses and interactive seminars.

Lee Witt's keynote presentations will encourage and empower everyone on your team to excel on a personal level which in turn establishes a motivated business environment filled with
positive outlooks on professional success.